SNOWE guests at Pink Studios Belgrade

PFI Studios is one of Europe’s newest state-of-the-art film complexes. The studio lot includes 9 sound stages (8 operational and Sound Stage 1 to be completed in 2011), each with its own attached multi-storey annex, multiple production offices and facilities, workshops and an extensive back lot.

PFI Studios is located in Belgrade, just 10 minutes from Belgrade International Airport and 25 minutes from the city center.

PFI Studios is a part of the Pink Media Group (PMG), the largest commercial media entertainment group in Southeast Europe. PMG’s core activities include: entertainment production, radio and television broadcasting, satellite broadcasting, music recording, and optical disc replication. PFI Studios is fully backed by the resources and the extensive entertainment industry experience of PMG. For more information, please see


SNOWE visitors after Avala studios get opportunity to visit Balkan region greatest studios – for film schooting – Pink studios.

Some photos from that visit together with the great host Barbara Sandic-Stetic, Executive Director Head of Administration & Communication.


Link to Pink studios:

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