SNOWE aims


From BaNeFF policy:

1) The films that will be presented should be of a newer date

2) The films should aim at artistic qualities and should not advocate any specific political views.

3) SNOWE topic is Women’s position in Film industry both as creators and decision makers.

SNOWE TOPIC: In this context we would like to specifically raise the question of how to empower the womans’ role in the film branch? Namely, in order to take projects to the next level in the film industry, there is a need of solid creative leaders – decision makers, and it is in this area that we find it possible and necessary to highlight the woman’s potentials.


2 levels of SNOWE program

1) intern

Women communication, networking

Creative collaboration, by residence

Experience/project production/film industry collaboration

2) public

Film presentation – Festival

Empowerment through political influence, by media, publications, dialogue

Education and scientific research

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Women in Film, Creative Network