SNOWE guests at Faculty of Dramatic Art – Belgrade University

aculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade is the most important institution of artistic and scientific drama education in Serbia. This eminent institution of higher education, the arts and culture of the place in which the criteria in the form of dramatic arts. It is also the school from which come our most important creators and is thus significantly contributed to the high level of theater, film, radio and television in the entire South Slavic cultural space.

Continuity and sixty-five-year tradition, top curricula and most respected professors, extraordinary study conditions and technical capabilities make of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts the most interesting and most desirable institution of higher education in our country.


SNOWE guests had one nice Open lecture 18th October at The Screening aula together with their short work presentation – trailer’s screening, and Q&A with students, professors and public.


Some pictures from Open lecture.

More info about FDU:


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