SNOWE 4 Women in Film Creative Working is the project that continues to work. Last four years SNOWE project visited Belgrade, Skopje, and Stockholm.

This time is the turn to make the SNOWE project in Stockholm but not only as networking but even more as the WORKING project.

Our aim is to improve your scenario. Whatever you are doing right now in your scenario. You need to have the clear idea, vision, and preliminary draft in form of scenario or synopsis. And we will engage our experts to help you. You and few more filmmakers from Balkans together with women filmmakers from Sweden will also communicate together with you, your idea about the future feature film.

If you have time between 14-21 December for Stockholm visit and if you have some film ongoing, please provide us Film Synopsis or treatment, with your author’s CV on SNOWE team will choose one participant from each BaNeFF country. Please read more about SNOWE on our web and

It will be our pleasure to have you as our SNOWE guest in Stockholm and work with your Manus. All your ideas are confidential for us and make your submission as soon as possible.

Preliminary schedule is:

Thursday 14th December

Arrival to Stockholm

Accommodation is in working apartment in Stockholm.

Friday 15th December is Manus workshop with Kurt Öberg – Manus coach and meeting with Swedish filmmaker

 09.00 – 13.00 Lecture in screenwriting by Kurt Öberg with all SNOWE society – women filmmaker

13.00 – 14. 00 Lunch together with the guests (Si invites – Stamenko)

14.00- 18.00 Workshop – Face to face

Saturday and Sunday 16th and 17th December

working days

Monday 18th December

10.00 – 12.00 Swedish Institute SNOWE 4 lecture

12.00 Lunch Si

13.00 – 17.00 workshop Face to Face and script finalization, workshop with Kurt Oberg

Tuesday 19th December

10.00 – 12.00 Presentation of WIFT organization

12-13 Lunch SI

14.00 BaNeFF doc.short Festival opening in Kungsängen

 14.00- 21. 00 BaNeFF doc-short in Kungsängen

Wednesday 20th December

10.00-12.00 Swedish Film Institut visit

16.00- 21. 00 BaNeFF doc-short ABF Stockholm

Thursday 21st December

14.00 BaNeFF doc-short ZITA Stockholm

and departures.

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